Financial Service ‘hi’ Launch Backed by Top Crypto Personalities

Promising new financial service for crypto and fiat, hi, announced today that it has gained over 300,000 members from 130 countries. The budding platform has achieved this milestone in under two months of private beta. Now, it is extending its services.

The first matter on the agenda is the introduction of a feature for WhatsApp messenger which, along with its existing Telegram, expands its social media reach. Other than that, it has also added a web app for users’ convenience (

Moreover, hi’s unique proposition is that it leverages blockchain technology for building community-powered services. The firm is dedicated to maximizing membership value as members are key stakeholders in the hi ecosystem. As per the company, this drive powers its commitment, not profit.

Its launch on multiple mediums is endorsed by crypto leaders such as former CMO of, Sean Rach. He noted:

“In the current system, the people with less money pay more for financial services. Hard-earned income is eroded by fees while payday loans and finance charges are usurious. Having taken a fresh look, the team seeks to address the very core issue – the profit motive of financial corporations. The hi Foundation, a Singapore-based not-for-profit, has designed hi from the ground up to maximize membership value – not profits. Next, with no app required to download to start, members can join in seconds. We look forward to building an active community that is rewarded with benefits as we grow.”

Other than him, Stefan Rüst, former CEO of  also added:

“I welcome the explosion of messenger services offering many features including the ability to send money, the final frontier if you will. hi is a powerful expression of messaging with money – the ultimate way to exchange value with your friends.” — Stefan Rüst, former CEO of

With such strong support, the financial service aims to build the world’s first membership economy grounded on transparency and community. Its platform development is rapidly progressing, with its website live already. Users can visit to learn details of the hi service, hi Dollars, and the associated rewards program.

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