FTX Strikes 7-Year Deal With League of Legends’ Riot Games

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX continues to make a wave in the Esports industry. The exchange reveals a seven-year sponsorship deal with the “League of Legends” Championship Series (LCS)

Clearly, LCS was proud to announce that FTX is now their official crypto exchange as the statement is posted on the League of Legends website. On the other hand, FTX previously entered a ten-year $210 million deal with Team SoloMid (TSM), which was announced in June.

According to Dot Esports, the FTX sponsorship will see many LCS broadcasts beginning this weekend. To clarify, FTX plans to sponsor broadcast segments related to the in-game gold currency, like the current amount of gold that each player and team has accumulated by far in each match. More so, the exchange will sponsor the league’s Most Improved Player Award.

In addition, Riot Games will allow the removal of digital FTX branding from international LCS broadcasts in countries where crypto ads are limited.   Chris Greeley, Riot Game’s Head of Esports for North America and Oceania shared in a report,

Our partnership with FTX does not change our league-wide stance on cryptocurrency exchange sponsors. LCS activations with FTX can be removed from broadcast when needed in regions that limit cryptocurrency advertising. A sponsor that appears on apparel or other non-digital activation cannot.

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